A New Chapter

Hello! My name is Gus and I play video games. I’ve been a gamer all my life and its the one activity in my life that has been constant. I have picked up different hobbies and skills but gaming is the one thing that has never left my life. I have been playing games for as long as I can remember and will continue to play for as long as I can.

I’ve had many jobs, been to several schools, and received a couple of diplomas through the years but my focus has always been unclear. I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to do or what I wanted to be. I knew that I was passionate. When I found something I enjoyed there was nothing to stop me for learning as much as I could. I wanted to know the whole story. From there, once I knew the whole story, I wanted to tell others. I wanted to teach. When I learned something new, it fascinated me and I scoured to learn the story of whatever I was into at the time. History called out to me. Something that can’t be changed now or a hundred years from now. It is what it is.

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