Life Long Games is about creating videos and podcasts about video games that we just can’t live without. We want to talk about the video games that we’ve played throughout our life in the past, present, and future. We will be focusing on past titles as well as recent titles. Our videos will be historical, informative, entertaining, and, above all, passionate. We love video games and come to realize that video games is one of the constant activities in our lives and we want to create content that shows it.

​We play games, think about games, buy games, look forward to future releases, and scour the internet for news and reviews about our favorites and our soon to be favorites. We want to focus on longstanding topics that can last the test of time so that anyone can jump in and watch a video or listen to a podcast about their favorite game, console, or topic. While not everyone can be an expert on the vast genres of video games, I hope you join us as we begin to tell our tale about our Life Long obsession with Video Games.